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Black holes  |   Comets  |  Electromagnetic spectrum / Light and color  |  Galaxies  |  Gravity  |  Hubble Space Telescope  |  Math: Statistics  |  Solar system  |  Stars and stellar evolution

Brush up on your knowledge of astronomy with these classroom-oriented resources. All educators' overviews, including instructions and suggestions for using the resources, have been moved to the Teaching tools section of the site.

Black holes

Tales of … Key events in the history of Centaurus A


Q&A: Comets
Graphic Organizer: Comparison of comets and asteroids

Electromagnetic spectrum / Light and color

Q&A: Light, color, and the electromagnetic spectrum


Fast Facts: Cartwheel Galaxy
Fast Facts: Edge-on Spiral Galaxy
Fast Facts: Warped Galaxy
Fast Facts: Whirlpool Galaxy


Q&A: Galaxies


Graphic Organizer: Comparison of spiral, elliptical, and irregular galaxies

Graphic Organizer: Comparison of the Warped Galaxy and the Whirlpool Galaxy


Q&A: Gravity

Hubble Space Telescope

Q&A: Hubble Space Telescope (HST)

Math: Statistics

Q&A: Statistics (Sampling section)

Q&A: Statistics

Solar system

Fast Facts: The Sun
Fast Facts: Mercury
Fast Facts: Venus
Fast Facts: Earth
Fast Facts: The Moon
Fast Facts: Mars
Fast Facts: Jupiter
Fast Facts: Saturn
Fast Facts: Uranus
Fast Facts: Neptune
Fast Facts: Pluto


Q&A: Our solar system


Tales of … Dust storms seen on Mars


Graphic Organizer: Comparison of comets and asteroids

Stars and stellar evolution

Fast Facts: Eagle Nebula
Fast Facts: Eskimo Nebula
Fast Facts: Helix Nebula


Tales of … The early cosmos: Out of the darkness
Tales of … Key events in the history of Supernova 1987A
Tales of … A history of the Crab Nebula
Tales of … The glorious end of stellar life


Graphic Organizer: Comparison of the Eagle Nebula and the Eskimo Nebula

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Astronomy basics

lists Amazing Space resources that are especially useful for reviewing basic astronomy concepts.