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  • February 2010
    Orion, the great Hunter, is easy to spot in the February sky.
  • January 2010
    Saturn's rings salute the new year.


  • April 2009
    Jupiter rises in the East.
  • March 2009
    Saturn reaches its closest point to Earth this year.
  • January 2009
    The Quantarid meteor shower welcomes the new year.
  • June 2009
    Venus and Mars draw close before sunrise.
  • February 2009
    The Moon darkens with a lunar eclipse.
  • May 2009
    The Eta Aquarid meteor shower lights up the night sky.
  • July 2009
    The 21st century's longest-lasting solar eclipse darkens the sky.
  • December 2009
    The Geminids skip across the night sky.
  • October 2009
    The remains of Halley's Comet give rise to a meteor shower.
  • November 2009
    Mars puts on a show all night long.
  • September 2009
    The gas giant Jupiter glows in the south.
  • August 2009
    Saturn's rings perform a vanishing act.


  • April 2008
    The Great Bear and Leo the Lion prowl the night sky.
  • May 2008
    The Virgo Cluster of galaxies makes its spring appearance.
  • March 2008
    The Gemini Twins approach as spring nears.
  • January 2008
    Comet 8P/Tuttle shines in the southwestern sky.
  • June 2008
    The Summer Solstice heralds the change in seasons.
  • February 2008
    Orion the Hunter dominates the winter sky.
  • November 2008
    The Leonids meteor shower bombards the Earth.
  • December 2008
    The Geminids meteors skip across the atmosphere.
  • July 2008
    Jupiter nears Earth, showing off its many moons.
  • October 2008
    Meteors streak the sky from the constellation Orion.
  • August 2008
    The Perseid meteors streak through the night.
  • September 2008
    The North American Nebula glows in the light of the star Deneb.


  • April 2007
    View the galaxies in the belly of Leo the Lion.
  • May 2007
    Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are visible over the course of the night.
  • March 2007
    The Gemini Twins herald the approach of spring.
  • January 2007
    Taurus the bull charges across the winter sky.
  • June 2007
    The summer solstice marks the changing of the seasons.
  • February 2007
    Orion the Hunter stalks his prey across the sky.
  • November 2007
    The Leonid meteor shower graces the night sky.
  • July 2007
    The Delta Aquarids meteor shower appears late in the month.
  • October 2007
    Saturn and Venus pair up in the east.
  • December 2007
    Mars is at its closest to Earth all year.
  • September 2007
    The autumnal equinox marks the beginning of fall.
  • August 2007
    The Perseid meteors streak through the night.


  • April 2006
    Ursa Major's great bear battles it out with Leo the lion.
  • May 2006
    Visit the Virgo Cluster of galaxies using binoculars.
  • February 2006
    The Orion Nebula is visible with a telescope.
  • January 2006
    Taurus the bull charges across the winter sky.
  • March 2006
    The Gemini twins herald the approach of spring.
  • June 2006
    The Summer Solstice marks the changing of seasons.
  • November 2006
    Mercury makes a rare transit across the face of the Sun.
  • July 2006
    Ancient clusters of stars dot the sky.
  • October 2006
    Saturn rises before dawn in the eastern sky.
  • December 2006
    The Geminid meteor shower streaks the sky.
  • September 2006
    Autumn begins as the Sun crosses the celestial equator.
  • August 2006
    The Perseid meteors streak through the night.



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