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Read the online Star Witness news story on preparations for Servicing Mission 4

Image of HST during a previous servicing mission in the shuttle bay.

SM4 daily news updates coming soon!

The work that makes it happen

Check out our features on the people, from scientists to science writers, who play a role in the Hubble mission.

SM4 Image Gallery: View mission photos

SM4 Video Gallery: View mission videos

HST Trivia: Fun facts about Hubble

SM4 Q&A: Commonly asked questions

Hubble Space Telescope lithograph:
Preview and download a PDF on the telescope

SM4 glossary: Look it up here!

Be the
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Piece together
the steps of a
servicing mission in this
activity based on SM3B

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Servicing Mission 4

Relive astronauts' epic, May 2009 journey to service Hubble.