Video: Cosmic Concepts: Advantages of Space Telescopes

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Advantages of Space Telescopes
Runtime: 3 min 18 sec
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Produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute, Office of Public Outreach

All images, illustrations, and videos courtesy of NASA, ESA, and STScI except:

  • Kitt Peak National Observatory image courtesy of NOAO/AURA/NSF
  • Torun 32 meter radio telescope courtesy of Roman Feiler
  • Alma array image courtesy of Clem & Adri Bacri-Normier (
  • Sofia Observatory plan image courtesy of NASA/Jim Ross
  • Diagram of Messier 101 from NASA’s Great Observatories, Chandra image courtesy of NASA, CSX, and K. Kuntz (JHU); Spitzer image courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech, and K. Gordon (STScI); Hubble image of courtesy of NASA/ESA/K. Kuntz (JHU), F. Bresolin (University of Hawaii), J. Trauger (JPL), J. Mould (NOAO), Y. H. Chu (University of Illinois, Urbana), and STScI
  • Written by Frank Summers
  • Designed by Marc Lussier

Video: Cosmic Concepts: Advantages of Space Telescopes