Star Light, Star Bright
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"Back" button ON back-over.gif
"Back" button back.gif
Robot's Spectrum at 10,000° K blackbody_10k.gif
Robot's Spectrum at 2,000° K blackbody_2k.gif
Robot's Spectrum at 30,000° K blackbody_30k.gif
Robot's Spectrum at 37° C blackbody_37.gif
Robot's Spectrum at 5,000° K blackbody_5k.gif
"Get Answer" button ON button-answers-over.gif
"Get Answer" button button-answers.gif
"Guitar" button ON button-guitar-over.gif
"Guitar" button button-guitar.gif
"Learn more about it!" button ON button-moreAbout-over.gif
"Learn more about it!" button button-moreAbout.gif
"Ok" button dim button-ok-down.gif
"Ok" button ON button-ok-over.gif
"Ok" button button-ok.gif
"Sunlight" button ON button-sunlight-over.gif
"Sunlight" button button-sunlight.gif
"Water" button ON button-water-over.gif
"Water" button button-water.gif
Electromagnetic spectrum chart emschart_all.gif
Robot with guitar guitar-still.gif
Rainbow horizontal divider horiz-bar-rainbow.gif
Illustration- How to count waves how-to.gif
"Learn More About it!" title graphic learnmore.gif
Peak wavelength chart peakchart.gif
Illustration- Where to measure "peak wavelength" peakgraph.gif
Robot icon robot.gif
Robot over burner robot1.gif
Robot over burner (red) robot2.gif
Robot over burner (yellow) robot3.gif
Robot over burner (blue) robot4.gif
Robot over burner (black) robot5.gif
Robot demonstrating wavelength robotwave.gif
Robot demonstrating waves via rock toss rocktoss-still.gif
Robot gazing at night sky skygaze-still.gif
Graph of the spectrum of Spica small-spica.gif
Graph of the spectrum of Vega small-vega.gif
Illustration- "How Peak Wavelength Changes with Temperature" starpoints_all.gif
Star prism illustration starprism-still.gif
Illustration- "The Sun as seen at different wavelengths" ON sunchart.gif
Illustration- "The Sun as seen at different wavelengths" sunchart2.gif
Sun prism illustration sunprism-still.gif
Thermostat set to 10,000° thermostat_10k.gif
Thermostat set to 2,000° thermostat_2k.gif
Thermostat set to 30,000° thermostat_30k.gif
Thermostat set to 37° thermostat_37.gif
Thermostat set to 5,000° thermostat_5k.gif
"Making Waves" title graphic title-making.gif
"What do you know?" graphic ON whatdoyouknow-on.gif
"What do you know?" graphic whatdoyouknow.gif

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