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Downloadable Documents for the Lesson
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Downloadable Documents for Lesson

PDFs for making overhead projector transparencies:

Page or image description Downloadable PDF file name
HDF-N and HDF-S side by side HDF-N_and_HDF-S.pdf
'Banishing Bias' and 'Why Choosing With Eyes Closed is Biased' banishingbias.pdf
'Comparing Sampling Methods' cmpare_sampl_mthds.pdf
'Variability vs. Sample Size-- Smaller Sample Sizes' var_vs_smplsize_small.pdf
'Variability vs. Sample Size-- Middle Sample Sizes' var_vs_smplsize_middle.pdf
'Variability vs. Sample Size-- Larger Sample Sizes' var_vs_smplsize_large.pdf
'Where's the Best Sample Size-- Min/max Plots Only' best_minmaxonly.pdf
'Where's the Best Sample Size-- Median and Line' best_median.pdf
'Where's the Best Sample Size-- Mean and Line' best_mean.pdf
'Where's the Best Sample Size-- Median with Smallest Sample Region Highlighted' best_smallstreas_median.pdf
'Where's the Best Sample Size-- Mean with Smallest Sample Region Highlighted' best_smallstreas_mean.pdf
'HDF-N: Where's the Best Sample Size?' HDF-Nbestsample.pdf
'Stare and Compare: Astronomers' Results for Both Deep Fields' compareastronresults.pdf
'Does the Universe Look the Same in All Directions?' sameinalldirections.pdf
'The Universe Looks Different at Different Depths' alldepths_notsame.pdf

Other resources related to the lesson:

One of the unique features of using the World Wide Web is the ability to move quickly and easily to other links of related topics. If you find an appropriate related link, don't forget to bookmark it for later use. These related links can play an important role in enhancing your lesson. You can use them to gather research information, learn the latest current events information, and introduce or follow up a specific lesson module. Here are some Web pages that relate to the topic: General information about HST Photographs and captions available. In particular, see the Hubble Deep Field Academy and Galaxies Galore.

Other resources available at the Space Telescope Science Institute:

Other resources available outside the Space Telescope Science Institute:

Below you will find a vast amount of information regarding the topic of Galaxies and Statistics. The information comes from many sources other than the Insitute.

Some of the resources are quite in depth, and it is easy to get lost. It is suggested that you bookmark this page before you examine each source. That way, should you get lost, you can simply use the bookmark to return to the main page.

You may occasionally find a site "under construction," or you may find that a site is completely gone. There is no way to control such situations as the sites are out of Space Telescope Science Institute's control.

Books and Other Printed Material