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One month after the Pinatubo eruption
Scene of devastation one month after Pinatubo eruption

Image: U.S. Geological Survey, July 1, 1991, by Willie Scott

This photo of a desolate wasteland resembles a prehistoric landscape. The image was taken of an area around the Mount Pinatubo volcano about one month after the devastating eruption in 1991. A mixture of hot gas, rock, and ash from the volcanic blast blankets the landscape, covering and charring vegetation. The environmental impacts of this natural disaster lasted for many years.

Twenty-five years after Pinatubo eruption
Lake Pinatubo

Image: Chris Tomnong

This view of Lake Pinatubo in the Philippines may look like paradise, but 25 years ago this area was far from serene. Back then Lake Pinatubo was actually a crater where hot lava erupted from under the surface, exploding as a volcano. The devastating eruption of Mount Pinatubo was the second largest in the 20th century. Since the 1991 blast, the mountain and surrounding area have slowly sprung back to life. Many tourists visit the area, enjoying the flourishing green mountains and lake.