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How to locate Comet Holmes

Read directions below photo.

Kids point to Comet Holmes below Cassiopeia in the night sky

Photo courtesy of Laurent Laveder

After it gets dark (about 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.), go outside and face north. You may need a compass to help you.

Make a quarter turn to your right. You will be facing northeast.

Look for a grouping of stars that traces a sideways “W” (that points to the left) high in the sky. This is the constellation Cassiopeia.

Now look to the right and slightly below Cassiopeia. You will see a triangle of stars. Comet Holmes is the bright object that looks like a star on the lower left corner of that triangle. The comet is located in the constellation Perseus.

Comet Holmes stands out because it is not just a pinpoint of light like a star. It is a fuzz ball.