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Title: Timeline of New Horizons' nine-year journey from Earth to Pluto
Illustration showing maps of the solar system and milestones for New Horizons: Jan. 2006 launch, Feb. 2007 Jupiter flyby and gravity boost, July 2015 encounter with Pluto, and 2016 to 2020 observations of Kuiper Belt objects

Notes: Illustration at top shows planets’ positions as of Feb. 27, 2007. The paths shown in the two diagrams do not represent the actual trajectory of the spacecraft.

The inner and outer solar systems are depicted at two different scales. The inner solar system is not visible on a diagram of the complete outer solar system, because the outer solar sysem lies so much farther away from the Sun. The distance from Earth to Jupiter is about 500 million miles (805 million km), while the distance from Jupiter to Pluto is about 2.95 billion miles (4.75 billion km).