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Video: Oddball Galaxies describes how no two galaxies are exactly the same but there are some that have similar characteristics. The characteristics that allow a galaxy to be classified as a spiral, elliptical and irregular galaxy are featured in the video.
Format(s) available: Video (mp4)
Grades: 8-12, but the material can be adapted for use in other grades at the teacher's discretion
How to use the full video in the classroom

Video: Oddball Galaxies lends itself to a variety of viewing modes. Teachers can elect to view the video in its entirety or selecting from the individual video clips.

Video: Oddball Galaxies can be used as:

A pre-engagement activity. Have students view the entire video as an introduction to a unit of study featuring galaxies.

A reinforcement tool. Following an activity in which students learn how galaxies are classified, propose a few questions, such as: "What are the features of spiral galaxies?", "What makes elliptical galaxies unique?" and "What are the features of irregular galaxies?" Have students view the video in its entirety and discuss the answers to your questions.

An individual learning activity. After viewing the video in its entirety, students can summarize the information contained in the video.

How to use the video clips in the classroom

Clip: Introduction to Galaxies should be used as:

• A background builder Use the introduction to provide necessary prerequisites for the Feature video.

Clip: Introduction to Galaxies can be used as:

• An engagement tool Involve students in a discussion about what they know and think about galaxies.

Clip: Feature video can be used as:

• A source of information Find out about how galaxies are classified.

Clip: Myths vs. realities can be used as:

• A diagnostic tool Find out whether your students harbor misconceptions about galaxies.

Clip: At-a-glance can be used as:

• A reference tool Have students identify the similarities and differences between the types of galaxies shown in the graphic organizer.

• A model Show students how to analyze the contents and display summary information in a graphic organizer.

• An organization tool The graphic organizer can be used as a tool to help students formulate and arrange their thoughts prior to composing essays about galaxies. In this specific case, have students take notes using the student version of the "Comparison of spiral, elliptical, and irregular galaxies," which can be found here. Students can compose an essay identifying similarities and differences between the three types of galaxies.

Clip: Beauty shots can be used as:

• A reference tool Have students identify common features of the three types of galaxies that are being shown. This can be used in conjunction with "At-a-glance."

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