Overview: Peering through dust in Carina

of "Tales of … Peering through a dense cocoon of dust in the Carina Nebula"
Tales of … Peering through a dense cocoon of dust in the Carina Nebula describes a pillar of gas and dust within which stars are forming. Visible light cannot penetrate the dust but the near-infrared image shows us what is happening. The two images complement each other and provide a more complete story of stellar birth.
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Grades: 10-12, but the material can be adapted for use in other grades at the teacher's discretion.
How to use it in the classroom

Teachers can use Tales of … Peering through a dense cocoon of dust in the Carina Nebula as:

A content reading selection. Teachers should discuss the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary prior to having students read this selection.

An engagement activity. Have students read the selection. Ask them to describe how the visible and near-infrared images complement each other.

An inquiry tool. Propose a question, such as "How do astronomers know stars are forming deep inside the pillar?” Have students read the selection and write down as many questions as they can about the information in the text.

A source of information. Students can describe the characteristics of star formation within the pillar and then research whether astronomers see similar characteristics in other pillars using Hubble press releases.

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Overview: Peering through dust in Carina