Overview: Solar System Trading Cards

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Online exploration: Solar System Trading Cards is an interactive card game in which students choose an unidentified image of the Sun, a planet, a comet, or an asteroid and identify it from a group of three choices using a word clue and the image. Additional information about the solar system member appears once they have correctly identified it.
Format(s) available: Online interactive; a printer-friendly PDF version is also available (see link below)
Grades: 3-6, but the material can be adapted for use in other grades at the teacher's discretion
Educator Guide: See online Teaching Tips.
How to use it in the classroom

Online exploration: Solar System Trading Cards can be used to introduce students to the members of the solar system through images and clues. The students can read about the unique attributes of the various components of the solar system in order to learn about these objects and make comparisons between the members.

For more suggestions about how to use this activity in the classroom, access the lesson plan by clicking on the Teaching Tips button found on the first page of the activity. A science background component contains information about the solar system that may be used by teachers and students. Grab bag includes a downloadable set of Solar System Trading Cards, the images used in the activity, and related web sites. Specific information about computer requirements (the "Computer Needs" button) can be found on the first page of the activity. In addition, “How to prepare for an online ‘Amazing Space’ activity” provides tips for setting up and using this activity in the classroom.

Related materials (accessed below) include lithographs, Fast Facts, and a graphic organizer, which may be used for pre-engagement and/or follow-up activities.

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Printable parts:

The printable images used in the activity are listed in the Teaching Tips grab bag. In addition, the Solar System Trading Cards are offered as a PDF file that can be downloaded for use in the classroom.

Overview: Solar System Trading Cards