Overview: Mission Mastermind

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Online exploration: Mission Mastermind pits the student against a computer virus that has scrambled the Hubble Space Telescope's Servicing Mission 3B. Using critical thinking and reading skills to search for word and picture clues, the students become the “Mission Masterminds” to reorganize the sequence of events of Servicing Mission 3B into the correct order. This activity is filled with video clips, images, and up-to-the-minute information from NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute.
Format(s) available: Online interactive
Grades: 6-8, but the material can be adapted for use in other grades at the teacher's discretion
Educator Guide: See online teacher pages.
How to use it in the classroom

Online exploration: Mission Mastermind can be used as a reading activity that requires the students to use verbal and visual clues to put ten events into the correct order. Teachers may wish to have their students use the Mission Mastermind worksheet to record clues and provide rationales for their sequential order. A Student Achievement Certificate is also available; it may be printed in advance or students can print them from the activity when they are finished.

For more suggestions about how to use this activity in the classroom, access the lesson plan by clicking on the Teaching Tips button found on the first page of the activity. A science background component (the "All About the Mission" button) contains information about the Hubble Space Telescope and previous servicing missions that may be used by teachers and students. Other resources (the "Mission Links" button) include printable copies of the activity and related web sites. Specific information about computer requirements (the "Computer Needs" button) can be found on the first page of the activity. In addition, “How to prepare for an online ‘Amazing Space’ activity” provides tips for setting up and using this activity in the classroom.

Related materials (accessed below) include a lithograph, which may be used for pre-engagement and/or follow-up activities.

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Printable parts:

The printable images used in the activity are listed in the Grab Bag section, which can be found by clicking on "Mission Links" on the first page of the activity. A Mission Mastermind worksheet accompanies the activity and can be printed for use while the students are working through the activity. A Student Achievement Certificate can also be printed. In addition, the primary pages are presented as PDF files that can be downloaded for use in classrooms without computers.

Overview: Mission Mastermind