Overview: Hubble Deep Field

of "Online exploration: Hubble Deep Field Academy"
Online exploration: Hubble Deep Field Academy examines the galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field North, the first of two deep visible-light images of the universe (the other is the Hubble Deep Field South). Students will simulate the process astronomers went through to count, classify, and identify objects in the image as well as estimate their distances from Earth.
Format(s) available: Online interactive
Grades: 6-8, but the material can be adapted for use in other grades at the teacher's discretion
Educator Guide: See online Teaching Tips.
How to use it in the classroom

Online exploration: Hubble Deep Field Academy can be used to introduce students to the Hubble Deep Field and the science involved in determining the number, color, type of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field and their distances from Earth. The orientation module introduces the Deep Field and invites students to look at the image and write five questions about the objects in the image. The first module can be used to introduce one method of statistical sampling used to estimate the number of galaxies in the Deep Field. The second module can be used to introduce characteristics and colors of stars and galaxies. Each module has a worksheet (Hubble Academy Log, or "HAL") associated with it and can be used to track studentsí thinking.

Extension activities include student math worksheets: "What Does a Million Look Like?," "999,999 Cans of Soda on the Wall," and "How Many's a Million? Billion? Trillion?"

For more suggestions about how to use this activity in the classroom, access the Lesson Plan in the Teaching Tips document (linked on the first page of the activity). Teaching Tips contains a Science Background component which has information about sampling and the Hubble Deep Field that may be used by teachers and students. Other resources include the images used in the activity, related web sites, references, and specific information about computer requirements. In addition, "How to prepare for an online 'Amazing Space' activity" provides tips for setting up and using this activity in the classroom.

Related materials (accessed below) include lithographs, Fast Facts, and a graphic organizer, which may be used for pre-engagement and/or follow-up activities.

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Printable parts:

The printable images used in the activity are listed in the Grab Bag section of Teaching Tips. The Hubble Academy Log (HAL) worksheets accompany the activity and can be printed for use while the students are working through the activity. Extension activity worksheets can also be printed from the Grab Bag.

Overview: Hubble Deep Field