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Capture the cosmos > Solar system

Online adventures, pictures, answers, and more

on the solar system:

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Online exploration:

Solar System Trading Cards online exploration

Solar System Trading Cards online activity

Think you can verify Venus and peg Pluto? Give it your best shot.

Also available:

downloadable Solar System Trading Cards preview

Downloadable Solar System Trading Cards

Facts at hand. Put the solar system in your pocket.

NOTE: These cards are temporarily unavailable.

downloadable Solar System Trading Cards Junior Edition preview

Downloadable Solar System Trading Cards, Jr. Edition

Solar system portraits on bigger cards.

Picture it!

Downloadable PDF lithographs:

The Jovian Planets lithograph preview

The Jovian Planets

Meet the giants of our solar system.

Jupiter's Red Spot Jr. lithograph preview

Jupiter's "Red Spot Jr."

Find out what Hubble spotted on Jupiter.

Saturn's Rings lithograph preview

Saturn's Rings

Ponder Saturn's majestic rings.

Mars 2003 lithograph preview

Mars 2003: Closest Approach

See Mars, as close as it's been to Earth in 60,000 years.

Mars lithograph preview


Catch a glimpse of some strange Martian weather.

downloadable bookmarks preview

Downloadable PDF bookmarks:

Amazing Space bookmarks

Fold and laminate! Four imposing Hubble images are featured. Collect the set!

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Tales of: Finding potential Kuiper Belt targets for New Horizons Pluto mission

Hubble's gift to New Horizons: three potential KBO targets

Tales of: An asteroid mysteriously disintegrating as Hubble watches

Even asteroids get "burned" by the Sun.

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Fast Facts: Dwarf planet, Haumea

Take a quick spin with this oddball.

Fast Facts: Dwarf planet, Makemake

Moonless skies for this dwarf planet

Fast Facts: Mars' moon, Deimos

A giant space potato orbits Mars.

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Q&A: Our solar system

Separate fact from fiction and satisfy your curiosity about the bounty of objects in our solar system.

Myths vs. realities: Solar system

The Sun is a burning ball of fire — true or false?

Graphic Organizer: Rocky vs. gas planets

Do we live on a rocky or a gas planet? Find out here …

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Capture the cosmos > Solar system