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Capture the cosmos > Hubble Space Telescope

Online adventures, pictures, answers, and more

on the Hubble Space Telescope:

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Online explorations:

Be the Mastermind Behind the Mission

Mission Mastermind

Outsmart a computer virus by putting a Hubble servicing mission back on track.

Telescopes From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up

Spyglass to satellite: a virtual tour of telescope technology.

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Downloadable PDF lithograph:

Hubble Space Telescope lithograph preview

Hubble Space Telescope

See outside and inside the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Graphic Organizer:
Comparing the Hubble and James Webb space telescopes

Find out how the James Webb Space Telescope will differ from Hubble.

Q&A: Hubble Space Telescope

Separate fact from fiction and satisfy your curiosity about NASA's most famous orbiting observatory.

Myths vs. realities:
Hubble Space Telescope & space technology

Hubble can "see" things that are invisible to the human eye — true or false?

Capture the cosmos > Hubble Space Telescope