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Interacting Galaxies litho preview

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Interacting Galaxies Arp 147 lithograph
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preview of interacting galaxies lithograph


  • Photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope
    The image shows two gravitationally interacting galaxies that happen to be oriented so they appear to form the number 10. Arp 147 appears in the "Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies," compiled by Halton Arp in the 1960s and published in 1966.
  • Facts of interest about the image
    The left-most galaxy, or the "1" in this image, is relatively undisturbed apart from a smooth ring of starlight. It appears nearly on edge to our line of sight. The right-most galaxy, resembling a “0,” exhibits a clumpy, blue ring of intense star formation.
  • Classroom activity
    Included is an inquiry-based classroom activity that focuses on the image and text.

PDF of Interacting Galaxies Arp 147 lithograph (480KB)

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Interacting Galaxies litho preview