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on galaxies:

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Fast Facts (cont'd)

Overlapping galaxies NGC 3314

Which galaxy upstages the other in this two-layer, chance alignment?

Interacting galaxies Arp 273

Hubble caught a "rose" tossed by two flamenco-dancing galaxies.

Stephan's Quintet

Witness a clash among titans!

Milky Way Galaxy

Did you know our galaxy has a bar through its middle? Find out more about the starry home we call the Milky Way.

Andromeda Galaxy

Check out the digs at our close galactic neighbor, the trillion-star Andromeda Galaxy.

Messier 82 (M82)

Throughout the center of starburst galaxy M82, stars are forming 10 times faster than they do in the Milky Way.

Whirlpool Galaxy and Companion

Is this majestic galaxy having a close encounter with a nearby neighbor galaxy?

Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Peer through the universe at 10,000 galaxies stretching as far back in time as 13 billion years.

Antennae galaxies

The tails of these colliding galaxies are supposed to resemble an insect's antennae. What do you think?

Sombrero Galaxy

A radiant spiral galaxy drifts through distant space.

Cartwheel Galaxy

The colorful aftermath of a galactic collision.

Edge-on Galaxy

A spiral galaxy from a unique perspective.

Warped Galaxy

A remarkable view of a galaxy that's bent out of shape.

Whirlpool Galaxy

A face-on view of a classic spiral galaxy.

Large Magellanic Cloud

The Milky Way’s gravity keeps this galactic neighbor — and its companion, the Small Magellanic Cloud — on a short leash.

Tales of … (cont'd)

Galactic wreckage in Stephan's Quintet

A tale of galaxies vying for a space to call their own.

A history of colliding galaxies: From oddballs to galaxy building blocks

The study of the enigmatic galaxies that collide with, merge with, and cannibalize other galaxies.

Finding one of the brightest and youngest galaxies in the early universe

A massive galaxy cluster — a natural "zoom lens" — helps astronomers uncover an infant galaxy.

Q&As (cont'd)

The math behind the science

How to enhance accuracy in a galactic headcount.

Graphic Organizers (cont'd)

Comparison of the Warped Galaxy and the Whirlpool Galaxy

Two cool galactic perspectives: On the edge and dead ahead.

Dig deeper (cont'd)