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Capture the cosmos > Galaxies

Online adventures, pictures, answers, and more

on galaxies:

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Online explorations:

Galaxies Galore

Galaxies Galore,
Games & More

Like snowflakes, no two galaxies are alike. Find out how to tell the difference.

Galaxy Hunter

Galaxy Hunter

Pack your calculator for this cosmic photo shoot.

Hubble Deep Field Academy

Hubble Deep Field Academy

Tired of counting sheep? Try counting the galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field instead.

Also available:

downloadable Galaxy Trading Cards preview

Downloadable Galaxy Trading Cards (PDF)

Try your hand at this galactic card game.

Play it!


Video: Colliding Galaxies

Colliding Galaxies

Graceful — or cataclysmic? Watch gravity play its part in bringing galaxies together.

Video: Discovering Galaxies

Discovering Galaxies

Our galaxy is not the only one. Edwin Hubble was the first to prove it.

Video: Oddball Galaxies

Oddball Galaxies

Galaxies often take familiar shapes but some are outright oddballs. Find out why.

Picture it!

Downloadable PDF lithographs:

eXtreme Deep Field lithograph preview

eXtreme Deep Field

Hubble goes to the "eXtreme" with this farthest-ever view of the universe.

Galaxy cluster Abell 2744 lithograph preview

Galaxy cluster Abell 2744

See one of nature's telescopes at work.

Spiral Galaxy NGC 3982 lithograph preview

Spiral Galaxy NGC 3982

Consider this classic view of a spiral galaxy.

Overlapping Galaxies NGC 3314 lithograph preview

Overlapping Galaxies NGC 3314

See through one galaxy to another in this chance, two-layer alignment.

Interacting Galaxies Arp 273 lithograph preview

Interacting Galaxies Arp 273

A rose is a rose is a rose, unless it's a pair of interacting galaxies.

Interacting Galaxies lithograph preview

Interacting Galaxies Arp 147

Hubble scored a perfect ten when it captured these interacting galaxies.

Hubble Ultra Deep Field lithograph preview

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Hubble's deepest view of the universe boasts a zoo of galaxies. See galactic evolution in action over billions of years.

Diverse Galaxies lithograph preview

Diverse Galaxies

Galaxies are everywhere in this striking image. Can you pick out the spiral, elliptical and irregular ones?

M82 Starburst Galaxy lithograph preview

M82: A Starburst Galaxy

Astronomers collect clues to crack the case of an odd-looking galaxy.

Pinwheel galaxy M101 lithograph preview

The Pinwheel Galaxy (M101)

Pin this galaxy to your wall.

Whirlpool galaxy and companion galaxy lithograph preview

The Whirlpool Galaxy and
Companion Galaxy

A nearby galaxy may be stirring up star birth in the Whirlpool Galaxy.

Sombrero Galaxy lithograph preview

Sombrero Galaxy

A central bulge of brilliant stars burns from within the galaxy's wide, flat, dusty disk.

Colliding Galaxies lithograph preview

Colliding Galaxies

The act of galactic cannibalism frozen in time.

Hubble's Galaxy Gallery (Hubble Deep Field) lithograph preview

Hubble's Galaxy Gallery

A glimpse deep into our universe's past. (Also called the Hubble Deep Field.)

Whirlpool Galaxy lithograph preview

Whirlpool Galaxy

Give this galaxy a whirl.

Warped Galaxy lithograph preview

Warped Galaxy

It's wacky, it's warped!

Centaurus A Galaxy lithograph preview

Centaurus A Galaxy

A portrait of a hungry black hole with an appetite for galaxies.

downloadable bookmarks preview

Downloadable PDF bookmarks:

Amazing Space bookmarks

Fold and laminate! Four imposing Hubble images are featured. Collect the set!

Dig deeper

Tales of … Finding the distance to a galaxy through a cosmic magnifying glass

How Hubble is using a giant galaxy cluster to find faint treasures behind it.

Tales of … The star that changed the universe

With this discovery, Edwin Hubble made the universe a much bigger place. Find out how.

Tales of … New life in an ancient galaxy

An ancient galaxy reveals its secret for staying young.

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Fast Facts: Galaxy Cluster Abell 2744

This cluster has enough gravitational "pull" to reveal the ancient structures behind it.

Fast Facts: Spiral Galaxy NGC 3982

Recent star-formation abounds in this glamour shot of a face-on spiral.

Fast Facts: Centaurus A

A collision of galaxies may have triggered the firestorms of star-birth found here.

Fast Facts: Interacting galaxies Arp 147

A "perfect 10" for beauty!

Fast Facts: Pinwheel Galaxy (M101)

This stunning face-on spiral has an impact that's in-your-face.

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Q&A: Galaxies

Separate fact from fiction and satisfy your curiosity about the variety of galaxies that inhabit our universe.

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Myths vs. realities: Galaxies

You need a telescope to see other galaxies — true or false?

Graphic Organizer:
Comparison of galaxy types

Galactic similarities and differences at a glance.

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Capture the cosmos > Galaxies