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Capture the cosmos > Comets

Online adventures, pictures, answers, and more

on comets and asteroids:

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Online exploration:

Comets online exploration


Whip up a batch of comets — without trashing the kitchen! Then sit back and watch as your cosmic creations whirl around the Sun.

Comet Facts Myths and Legends online exploration

Comet Facts, Myths,
and Legends

The history and lore of comets awaits. Learn what people in times past thought when these strange objects blazed across the sky.

Dig deeper

Q&A: Comets

Separate fact from fiction and satisfy your curiosity about the nature and behavior of comets.

Tales of: An asteroid mysteriously disintegrating as Hubble watches

Even asteroids get "burned" by the Sun.

Myths vs. realities: Comets

Comets always have tails — true or false?

Graphic Organizer: Comets vs. asteroids

When is a comet not a comet? When it's an asteroid! Find out at a glance what makes these related space travelers different.

Fast Facts: Comet 9P/Tempel 1

NASA crashed a probe into this comet to study ancient material released from its core.
NOTE: For more Fast Facts on other comets and asteroids, dig deeper…

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Capture the cosmos > Comets