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Capture the cosmos > Black holes

Online adventures, pictures, answers, and more

on black holes:

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Online exploration:

The Truth About Black Holes

No Escape —
The Truth About Black Holes

Watch out — you're about to fall into one of the universe's eeriest phenomena.

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Downloadable PDF lithograph:

Galaxy Centaurus A lithograph preview

Galaxy Centaurus A

A portrait of a hungry black hole with an appetite for galaxies.


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Tales of … Key events in the history of Centaurus A

Follow the hunt for a once-elusive supermassive black hole.

Fast Facts: Centaurus A

What lurks at the heart of this giant elliptical galaxy? A supermassive black hole!

Myths vs. realities: Black holes

Black holes are like cosmic vacuum cleaners — true or false?

Capture the cosmos > Black holes